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Many salespeople and companies don’t know how to do this. Some don’t even try, which means that all decisions about whether or not to buy their offerings are made second hand – they sell to people lower down the corporate ladder and they rely on those people to make the final sale on their behalf to the executives.

This can work, but you’re giving up a lot of control because, no matter how good your relationship with a lower level person is, you can’t rely on them to represent your value as well as you can and you can’t be sure they have the same agenda as you. Even if they do have the same agenda as you, it may not be one that the executives that make the decisions and sign the cheques agree with.

Other salespeople and companies try to sell at executive level and have no idea how to do it, which in many ways is even worse as it risks alienating the people who can make or break a sale.

Selling to executives isn’t easy – but it’s simple, if you know what to do and how to do it. Hopefully the articles on this website will help you to do this more effectively.

I’ve sold to many executives in FTSE 100, NASDAQ, Fortune 100, ASX 100 and many large private companies with varying degrees of success. The longer I did it the better I did. Every mistake I made and every sale I lost, and there were a lot of those, the more I learned and the fewer I lost. And now I’m really quite good at it and I help other people to do it. If you need help accessing and selling to senior executives feel free to email me at steve@stevehall.com.au and ask for help.