I help companies that sell high value products and services B2B to sell more with less effort and the same resources.

I help you to:


  • segment your market so you can target those companies that;
    • are easiest to sell to and/or
    • offer the greatest potential for long term revenue and profit
  • identify how many companies are in those segments
  • identify the specific companies are in those segments
  • identify which people to approach in those companies (e.g. CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.)
  • understand what those people really care about
  • identify the business issues you should be talking about
  • develop different value propositions for
    • specific niches and industries
    • individual companies
    • different roles within those targeted companies (e.g. CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, HR Director, etc.)
  • schedule initial meetings with the key senior executives you’re targeting
  • plan that critical first meeting and understand what to say and what questions to ask
  • When you focus on the senior executives in companies who have an urgent need that you can help them with it makes it much easier to sell and to make your targets.


By targeting the right people in the right companies with the right messages (which may vary depending on multiple factors) you can significantly increase your sales without increasing your resources.