Steve HallI help companies that sell high value products and services to win new customers.

My clients include small companies that sell to large corporates and large corporates that sell to SMEs and other corporates.

Even though I’ve sold more than $60 million of software, hardware and services in 23 countries on 6 continents I’ve lost many more sales than I’ve won – like all B2B sales people – which is why I’ve called my blog “Sales Loser”.

That’s the nature of B2B sales – and the most valuable lessons I’ve learned are from the sales I’ve lost, the campaigns that didn’t work and the mistakes I’ve made. There have been too many of them – but I rarely make the same mistake twice. Now I help other people avoid making the mistakes I did.

Learning from those lost sales has taught me more than all the work I’ve done with senior executives in Fortune 500, Nasdaq, FTSE100, and ASX100 companies.

Companies I’ve consulted to, worked for and/or sold to include Oracle, IBM, SAP, CA, Pearson, CBA, Telstra, Harvard University Press, Pioneer, News Limited, LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters, the NT Govt. and the ATO,

I’ve been a memebr of IBM’s Gold Club (and I didn’t even work for them), the world’s leading salesman for IBS in 2007 and Global Sales Director for TMS, an Australian software vendor.

I’ve worked in IT, telecomms, digital services, media, publishing, law, hospitality, construction, distribution, manufacturing, consumer goods, retail, banking and business services and with state, local and federal governments. I’ve presented to audiences from 5 to 200 at seminars, book fairs, industry events and sales presentations around the world. (Some with simultaneous translation – Mexico and Japan – quite fun when you get used to it).

I’ve also been a director of three successful small businesses (catering and beauty) run by my lovely wife Susan. For the catering company I did the sales and marketing – and I doubled up as a waiter and did lots of washing up, so I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty (or at least wet).

For the beauty salons I did the sales and marketing and worked as a model – the “before” image.

Back in the Middle Ages (1987 to be exact) I was the proud owner of a 2.50.13 marathon. Now I’m too old to run that far so I compete (slowly) in ocean swims. People ask me “aren’t you scared of sharks?” The answer is no – but I’m terrified of jellyfish that sting.